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Sunday, December 04, 2011


I have a habit for craving about one dish for few weeks, all I want to eat is that dish for that period, and after that, I changed my craving to another dish and completely would not order the old dish I craved for. Even for years.

So, my last craving was Bakpau. But now, I'm totally into Hainam Rice :P yum yum especially the one with Steamed Chicken (with garlic, ginger, anything, I love it). The last gloomy days also put miss C on lau a ma mode, so last Friday, after I told her about my current craving, she suggested us to try Apollo.It was a long time since my last visit. I remember they served good Lap Cheong, so I was happy to pay a visit :D
Nasi Hainam Campur, 30K. I think the hainam rice takes a big part in this dish. It has to be fragrant, not too oily and tasted right with balance between all the herbs well. The hainam rice at Apollo was good, the ginger and garlic really give a nice flavor for your taste bud. I could eat only with this rice and some fresh cucumber :P

The meat plate, sadly only consisted with Steamed Chicken, Cha Siu, Egg and Pork innards (I don't eat them and I don't know what the difference between all of them). Mr Chubby was more than happy to finish all the innards, meanwhile I was kinda disappointed with the Cha Siu, it has more fat than usual, and the steamed chicken was kinda good but no wow-ing factor. But I love how their meat plate also has some broth beneath the meat, I love this kind of 'wet' Hainam :D

I think I should order their Lap Cheong, but our next order came..
We ordered siomay, satay and bakso goreng, each 7K. In my opinion, their siomay and bakso goreng was ordinary, but the satay was quite good :)
The fried pork fat (this sounds really unhealthy, I know :P) could not resemble the glorious version I had at Bakmi Cubeng :(

To be honest, with the price tag, I still preferred Kacamata over this stall.

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