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Sunday, December 18, 2011

.Ben's Seafood.

Last Sunday, me, miss F and miss L were craving for some seafood. We were arrived early (around 5) so most of the stall at Dutamas haven't opened yet, included my favorite stall :( Since we were starving, we went to the stall right next to Sinar Bintang, Ben's Seafood. I was hoping to sit on the outside area, but the idea of mosquito bites were not attempting us. So we went to indoor area.
Started with fresh coconut :)
Look at this beautiful jar hehe..
Kerang Bambu saus Tauco, 15K. It was one of the best bamboo clam I ever had, it's big (about 10 cm), succulent and tasty sauce! For 15K I think it's really good :)
Deep Fried Calamari, 20K. The calamari was deep fried in a thin batter, a bit bland though.
Crab in Padang Sauce, 60K. The Crab was fat, too bad the sauce was more like terasi, I was hoping for some egg in the sauce, and it was not as spicy as I hoped :(
Genjer cah Terasi, 10K. It's rare to find genjer nowadays, so when we found it listed on the menu, we order it immediately. It might be not as big as the one I had at Belitung, but it tasted good, a bit minty as always :)
Fried Prawn with Egg Yolk, 20K was disappointing, I barely tasted the salted egg yolk, it's more like oily deep-fried prawn. We even could not finished it.
Actually our aim for a dinner at Dutamas was Steamed Crab we had before. So, we're hoping Ben's version would be as good as it. Too bad, it failed :( This one was fragrant with much ginger on it, but it still can't beat our expectation.

Overall, we managed to agree on one thing. We should be stick to our favorite stall next time :P
Ended the night with orange flavor medanese ice cream. Btw, this was the only medanese ice cream I know who sold orange flavor, he usually riding his bike around Dutamas at night :)

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