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Sunday, January 01, 2012


So, happy new year guys :) how's your new year's eve? mine went great :D Had a BBQ at E's home (in Indonesia New Year Eve = BBQ), stuffed myself with carb laden foods, win some cards game, managed to came home safely, and sleep well :)

It was quite a long time since my last BBQ party, so I looking forward to this event hohoho.. too bad we were not quite good at grilling, so most of all the food went burnt wkkww some lesson I learned during the BBQ :
#1. Don't mixed meat for your satay... -____-" No matter how good looking it is, we are not a pro, grilling them to perfection is one hell of word, since the time for cooking each meat is different :P Most of the pork was cooked perfectly, but the squid was raw, and the vegetable was burnt, so does the sausage :P

#2. Pre-cooked your chicken (especially if you're using broiler) if you don't want to ended with raw meat on the center. We (accidentally) burnt some of the chicken , but practice makes perfect right! :P We also tried to marinade the chicken a bit in wine, it brought more flavor although it kinda crashing with the BBQ sauce hehe... #3. Pre-cooked your ribs and don't go for full rack. Btw, Ribs price was crazily increasing!

#4. Prepare finger foods during the grilling process. Grilling could take a long time, so make sure the guest (read : me) calm with some snacks. This time, we outsourced some pork satay from Kenanga and siomay. E's mom also made us baso goreng! woohoo!
And oh, we had a bowl of glorious french fries to munch! :P
#5. Prepare some boozes for the guest. We opened few bottles of red wine, I think it's shiraz wine, but I forgot what year it was, 2002? E kindly gave us a sip of sake ( I never tried sake) too, which I liked since it's lighter than red wine.
#6. Made a killer sauce. This time we had the ordinary BBQ and a spicy sauce. The highlight of the night was the spicy one, it was like rojak sauce, and really spicy. Went well with every meat! :D
#7. Have fun! :D
Happy New Year, may the upcoming year better than before! :D


irene said...

bakso goreng n kentangnya.....*drool**drool**drool*

SeorangPrempuan said...

yoeh sukses membuat leher gue serek sampe skrg wkwkwk