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Sunday, January 22, 2012

.Alex Pizza and Pasta : Revisited.

The first time I saw there's a new voucher deal for Alex's Pizza and Pasta, I immediately hit the buy button since I was impressed by my last visit there :P It took us a while to get in there since the traffic was crazy as usual, I was starving at that time huhu. Thank God the complimentary bread arrived quickly.
It was warm and fresh, nice to start your meal.
I ordered the Peach Ice Tea, 18K. Hiks too bad they run out of their famous bubble :(
The Mushroom Soup, 38K also arrived quickly. It was good but not as thick as I hoped, and the portion was so tiny IMHO >.<
Fettuccine con Capesante, 35K made me shock upon its arrival. First, it arrived the same time as the pizza and the soup, which is kinda weird for this kind of restaurant. Second, the portion. I ordered the small one (the big one cost 60 / 70K) since I was saving some space for dessert. I should go for the large portion, the small portion might be looked big in the picture but it actually only like 3/4 of indomie goreng huhu..The taste was good nonetheless, the pasta slightly undercooked but it was fresh and the herbs used was balanced really well. If only it was more..
Speziato di Pollo, 58K also arrived about the same time on our table. Actually we ordered the Speziato di Polpette, but I forgot to ask the patron since I was starving..... silly me. But the pizza itself was also good, it's not too dry as the other authentic-proclaimed-pizza restaurant, and the dough was kinda chewy which I loved.

After the not-so-satisfying main course, I went for dessert I've been drooling when I saw it on the menu. Orange Creme Brulee, 35K. I was hoping it would be as good as the one at Smoking Joe's. But it was another shock on the table. First, the portion (again), too bad I lost the picture to show, it was served in espresso-cup-size, for that kind of price...I need more. Second, the crackling caramel. I tried to crack it, nothing happened. It was NO brulee on my what-so-called creme brulee :( The custard itself was actually good with a bit of orange peels in it. But the caramel, that's what I'm aiming for :(

My friend said it was because we were using voucher. Hiks. I hoped so. I still want to be back for that bubbly Ice Tea >.<

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