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Sunday, January 15, 2012

.Dapur Sunda.

Last week, some of my work mates were having their last day at work. As usual, there's always a small celebration for graduation (we called resignation = graduation :P), the celebration held at Dapur Sunda, located at Bellagio Boutique Mall, right next to my office building.
We stated with Tahu dan Tempe Goreng, it's not oily and crispy.. nice to start a meal..
Tahu Telor, it's one of Mr Chubby's favorite dish. He always had an affair with egg and tofu :P For me it's quite different than my favorite tahu telor at Sate Senayan, but still, the smooth egg paired with tofu... yum! :D
The grilled chicken was a bit small since they are using ayam kampung for this dish. Tasted okay for me.
Gurame Goreng was everyone's favorite that night. It's sweet and crispy... I always love the tail, it's crunchy and addictive!
I love their Tauge Ikan Asin, although I'm not allowed to eat the fish (hiks BP) :( but the tauge was crunchy and fresh! :D

There were some more dishes we oredered that night, but I forgot to take any picture since I'm too busy chatting and munching :P Good luck you guys and congratz for your graduation! :D

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