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Sunday, January 22, 2012


Went there with the team to redeem our voucher :D There are 3 types of dishes.
Sukiyaki..came with kimchi, mozarella chops, leek, etc.
Shabu-Shabu... came with green onions paste, radish, etc.
And Grill...came with sesame seed sauce and a hot sauce.

I love to mixed many ingredients for the 'final' dipping sauce. I used the hot sauce, S & P, sesame seed sauce, chili sauce, salty soy sauce, and of course, the green onion paste :P My favorite was dip the grilled meat into the 'final' sauce, and roll it with some mozarella chops in it, and there you go :D
Finished the meal with 2 scoops of ice cream (they used Diamond btw, which is good :D)

Despite the small choices of meat (only chicken and beef), and the lack of vegetables, I still think it's quite good since the beef they used was great. It's so smooth and not chewy at all. The service and interior was not really welcoming, but I might be come back if I was sooo in the carnivore mode ON :P

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