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Sunday, January 29, 2012

.Tous Les Jours.

I've heard some praises about their bread, but I never got a chance to try their breads since I heard the Sency outlet was always crowded, and I rarely visited that mall. So, when I was in the last-minute-shopping-time before the CNY, I just realized they opened an outlet at Kelapa Gading Mall. I quickly dragged Mr Chubby of course hoho :P

Most of the breads were sold out, and I could not buy much since I was worried I could not finish it, since the next day would be the CNY.
The Blueberry and Cream Cheese, 10K was quite ...weird in my personal opinion. I was hoping for creamier texture on the filling, but the texture was more like mung bean paste. It was too sour for me, but what I love is they are using real blueberry in them :)
Pizza Bruschetta, 15K was huge for the price bargain. I love this one, the cucumber slices were really good and mixed well with the sauce. The bread was not too hard to chew and fresh!

Overall, I think I should be back for the red bean bread or else :P

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