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Sunday, January 15, 2012

.Old Town White Coffee.

Hello! I've been absent lately, as always due to work stuffs, and a friend wedding. Well, anyway, last week we were meeting for wedding preparation, I suggested the team to try the Old Town White Coffee at Emporium. But I forgot most of the dishes' name and price :( silly me......but here's some pictures of them.
A ordered this rice dish. I forgot it's hainam rice or not, but the chicken was good :DF, the bride ordered another rice dish, it looked like risotto and I seriously drooling when it arrived on our table. But despite the beautiful presentation, it kinda bland for me. I could not barely tasted prawn in it.
Did not try this. Would love to one day :P
Ice Coffee (CMIIW), tasted good of course :DI ordered Milk Tea, it was good :D
Mie Udang Terasi was below my expectation despite the mouth-watering look :(
I myself ordered a Butter Kaya Toast. Seriously crunchy and addictive! I think this toast better than Ya Kun's version. I would love to compare their french toast though :)

Overall, I love this place, the price was quite cheap and the portion was moderate for me :)

Btw, some wedding snapshots.
Doraemon cupcake! Cute eh? :D

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