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Sunday, January 01, 2012

.Imperial Lamien.

After reading Irene's review about this place, I encouraged the team to try this place. So, last friday, we were only working for half day due to the new year, we went to Alam Sutera. I love the interior, it's fancy with a big tree on the center of the restaurant, and big glass window which gave us a bit of sun bathing we need :P

We were arrived past the lunch time, so I am starving, please forgive me for bad photos, it's hard to concentrate when your stomach growls right? :PBrowsing through the menu, I ended drooling for each section T^T andnd it was pretty cheap too! We decided to order one main course for each person, and some dimsum to share.Yu Xiang Noodle was the highlight of the lunch. It was my favorite dish, the sliced pork was sweet and the noodle sauce was tasty! And guess what, it's on promo, so it only cost 14.9K! woohoo!Mr Chubby went for .........okay I don't know the dish name, it's noodle with pork and some tofu. I remember one of the words was spicy, but nothing's spicy on this dish. We choose the flying noodle type, turns out it's like mie lebar, although mie lebar was also on the noodle options too. Too bad the noodle was undercooked, and the sauce was a bit bland, I much prefer the Yu Xiang noodle. It's cost us 26.9K.I went for Hainam Rice, 27.9K. It's a good bargain for that price. The rice was fragrant, the chicken was a bit bland but those garlic sauce,...yum!Yang Chow Fried Rice, 22.9K was delightful with each rice grain separated. Now that's how yang chow done! Seriously tasty :DRoast Pork Fried Rice, 27.5K also good!The Cha Siu Bau, 13.9K was ordinary but the meat portion was generous!Radish Cake, 13.9K was my favorite! it's not too mushy and yum!Kuo Tie, 14.9K was delightful and I love the sauce...Fong Zhau, 13.9K. I did not try this.Onde-Onde, 12.9K was not so sickly sweet and the filling was creamier that usual, which I loved :)And the last to arrived was Xiau Long Bau, 19.9K. The presentation was a bit messy and too bad it's too little so the soup wasn't as much as usual, but what to argue with the price bargain? :P Each skin was made from different stuffs, I only remember one of them was Sweet Potato. Honestly, I can't taste any difference between each dumpling haha... but the filling was good, it's quite resemble XO Suki's version. But XO Suki still the winner because it has more broth :P

Overall, no wonder this place always packed with customers, the food was good and cheap! Definitely gonna pay another visit!

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irene said...

duh jadi pengen kesini lagi! ehehe. thanks for the linking, btw! :D