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Sunday, January 22, 2012

.Ie Suan.

First time I read about this stall was at Veny's blog, it was a long time ago. Since then, everytime I went to Mangga Dua, I always visit this place. After they opening their second stall, I am happy to pay visit more since the new stall is bigger and not as crowd as the first one :D Few last weeks ago, I went to Mangga Dua for some errands, and had a lunch there as usual.
Seriously, I keep on drooling each time I visit this place. The display area was wide and such a festive in your eyes. I went Lapar Mata of course :P
I can't pass ordering this bihun goreng each time. Seriously tasty!
Chaipau Kucai is also mandatory...
And this, I went for 2 plates of this :P Talam Ebi and Talam Kucai. Two word : DAMN GOOD! Went to food coma of course after that... :P
Mr Chubby as a sinful fried stuff lovers (of course), had to try the Bakwan Udang and Lumpia Goreng. Tasted okay for me.

We also tried many stuffs but I forgot to take the picture, forgive me (heyyy I'm in my food coma period that time :P). Btw, the price you pay might be as much as eating in a restaurant, especially if you went Lapar Mata -__- so be careful! :P

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