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Sunday, January 01, 2012

.Come Buy.

This stall surely grabbed people attention at Emporium Mall. A friend of mine said it was like Chatime, so last week I went there to try their speciality, Milk Tea. with extra Coconut Jelly. The price was slightly cheaper than Chatime (differ between 3-6K).
As you can see from the label, they provided customizable drinks, but non computerized so it's rather funny to see a stall at the mall take order like this. Even the owner (I assumed) took charge in the making of the tea. But the look might be deceiving right? So how's the result?

The tea was quite good, but still, Chatime wins.

I have two comments. First, the amount of the sugar and ice might be inconsistent, since they don't use computer for that. Chatime rocks for this point, nothing's worst than inconsistent taste, especially when you're already bragging everyone about how good it was, but it's different when you went there again with your friends, right?

Second, the amount of jelly. I ordered glass in hope for more jelly.
Here's chatime large portion to compare. The jelly amount at Come Buy was so little :( For that price, I think I prefer Quickly or even Hop Hop.

But that might be because the crowd, so I might be back for another try...
Btw, last weekend I went to Chatime again! :P This time I ordered Jasmine Green Milk Tea with Coconut Jelly. It tasted more milky, and the green tea only slightly appear. My friend ordered their coffee, it was the first time I tried the coffee. Oh boy, that was a nice coffee. Nicely grinded, very fragrant and it actually kinda remind me of Starbucks Misto. Nice one Chatime!

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