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Sunday, January 29, 2012

.QQ Kopitiam.

Before visiting the new bakery, I went to QQ Kopitiam for lunch with Mr Chubby. I love the restaurant location, it separated from the Kelapa Gading Mall, and filled with sunshine :DPlus, cute table heh? :DI was in the mood for Kopi Tarik Peng, 17K. Peng = with milk. I like their coffee, not too strong and the milk was bounding well in it.As for Mr Chubby, he wasn't a coffee drinker, so he chose Teh O Peng, 6K. O Peng = no milk.Hor Fun with Crab, 28K looked promising on the menu. But when it arrived, it was quite different than the photo, from the portion to the color. But anyway despite the moderate portion, it tasted okay, but the meat amount was generous. Kaya and Butter Toast, 15K. I on the other hand, was craving for some nice kaya and butter toast, or butter sugar toast. I was hoping it would resemble my last attempt with Old Town. Too bad this time, they were totally failed. The portion was quite generous this time, 4 toast in one serving. But the kaya and butter amount was too little :( I even opened one toast and realized there's almost no butter in that. Totally different from the menu :(

Btw, the plate was cute no? :D

Overall, I think Old Town was much better in every term, from the service to the food itself. I should be back to Old Town hehe!

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