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Sunday, September 06, 2009

.06 September 2009.

Well, been so long since the last post right? hmmm okay the news is now I'm officially unemployed.

I was kinda dissapointed with my last office, so I thought I had to find another one that suits me. So there was me, on the last day of that month, talking about my resignation, and since then I became an employed. Kinda sad and happy at the same time, sad for my failure to choose the right job, happy for leaving that place [at last! since the first day I was totally thinking about resigning again -__-]

And now, I can only say I'm in sort of "holiday",I havent had my soul recharged yet, being so busy this 2 weeks [everyday! blah! you can say I'm "pengangguran banyak acara" :| ]

Hopefully I'll get my dream job soon! wish me luck! :)

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