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Monday, September 07, 2009

.Nan Xiang, Taman Anggrek.

They claimed to be the best steamed bun of the town, so after being promoted by a friend, that Sunday me and miss F tried this restaurant. We thought they would have lots of Dimsum menu, but they only have 6-8 dimsums. We ordered Xiao Long Bau [Chicken and Prawn] 28.5K, Steamed Glutinous Rice and Chicken Siau May 11.5K, Fried Prawn with Mayo 68K, and Stirred Chickpeas with Beef 48K.

The Xiao Long Bau was really dissapointing :( Thank God we dont ordered the expensive one, it's about 40-60K for each portion. The Glutinous Rice was not tasty neither. It's tasted like bakcang stuffed into wonton. Tasted weird. I think what we had that day wasnt balanced, the Chickpeas was too sour, and the Mayo Prawn was too sweet. The one that I really enjoyed from this visit was their Chinese Tea. Blah!

I guess I wont back again for another visit -__-

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