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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

.Cream and Fudge Factory, FX.

After the dinner, we went to find something's sweet as a dessert. One of our friend was in love with frozen yoghurt, so she had her yoghurt already at PP, but the rest of us did not want to bully ourself by eating yoghurt [the zero-calorie claim? blah! yeah the yoghurt is zero calorie, but the topping? I dont think so!] , we chose ice cream for ended that night. It's 10 at night already, and most of ice cream counter at Pasific Place was closed [it's weekend, and you closed your counter only at 10? whew] Well anyway, so we drove to FX later.

Being promoted by me, we chose Cream and Fudge Factory. 2 days before, me already tasted their Peach Melba and Strawberry Fantasy. yum yum! The Peach Melba tasted quite good, although I could not stand the caramel, too sweet for my teeth! But the Strawberry Fantasy was really a good choice.

We ordered Cookies and Cream, Raspberry something [I dont remembered the name], and Chocolate / Coffee something [Gosh their ice cream's name is really hard to remember]. My Raspberry something tasted good with lots of lady fingers, caramel, raspberry and strawberry ice cream :) The others was good too! And the best thing was they gave 20% discount if you're using Flazz card hoho!

One other thing, aside Cream andFudge Factory, there's always a Coffee World counter. If you had a chance, try their Apple Ice Tea! :)

Anyway here's the picture of us :
Hahahahaha we're such a big eater!

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