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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

.Warung Tekko, PIK.

So, after the last attempt, last weekend me and my sisters and cousin went to Tekko! Haha! Me already want to try this one, this place has already lots of fans, and I'm just curious! The place was really crowded by the time we arrived [8.30 at night and it still crowd? whew!], after waited for sometime, we got spaces at indoor area.

I think this place were lack of waitresses [by quality and quantity], our order need about 30 minutes to be arrived. Infact, about the slow-serving-time, there were few persons were complained, even I saw a girl were saying that out loud, angry about how the drinks were not arrived even after her meal was finished. The manager [I think he's manager or somewhat-supervisor] were firing the waitress in front of all the customers. The girl said about 'cari ribut di luar' or something like that with loud voices, and the boy [I think he's the girl's boyfriend] were saying about 'hati2 aja kalo pulang'...errr I think they're watching too much drama or what?

I know these days the restaurant service sometimes really annoying but I think if you want your voices / complains / advices to be heard, you should had a good attitude to show it. Showing it by loud voice in front of other customers, is not one of the good ways.

Well anyway actually I was kinda full [well after the pancake + hotdog + nasi hainam + starbucks -__-] , so we only ordered Iga Penyet 25K, Gurame 36K, and Empal 15K. Hmmmm I loved the chopped fried garlic they put on the chili..the chili itself was good [too bad she had moncor2 after this :(] , it's really hot, be careful guys when ordering the chili grade. The meat was tender,tasted fine. Still I didnt know why were everyone visiting this place over and over again.

Next, Lekko on my list! :P


Tephy said...

THE FUDGE! The manager fired the waitress in front of people????

Kayaknya dia harus di-lesin dulu ttg Public Relations sebelom dijadiin manager. Frikkin stupid. And the surly couple mestinya diteriakin "NYET BIASA AJA KALI".

Duh, gw kok komentarnya malah ttg kehebohannya bukan karena makanannya hahaha.

PS: Me, kok ikke gak bisa sign ini pake website gw yah? hehehe

SeorangPrempuan said...

yoi and teph , kan mereka ber 3 ye...cewe 1 d tengah mereka, kayanya mukanya nyesel banget pergi ama pasangan itu, mukanya kaya expresinya "sial kenapa gue ada di meja ini sih.." hahahhaa..

anyway tuh cewe ternyata 1 skul ama gue and kakak gua hahaha..pas lg tengah2 marah2 [dengan waitress and karyawan laen] gt, dia ngmg ke kita "anak DS ya?". Dengan situasi sekitar dia hectic gituh [manajer lg mecat karyawan, kasir menangis, karyawan lain memintaa maap ke dia, customer ngeliatin meja dia, etc] menurut gue dia nga punya perasaan sama sekali hahaha...

SeorangPrempuan said...

oiye lo login pake wordpress ya? gue nga ada acc wordpress jd nga bisa coba sih..mungkin karna lo pake BB kali ya?