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Friday, September 18, 2009

.Lau's Kopitiam, Emporium Pluit,

During my last week at old office, I had a lunch with a friend at Lau's Kopitiam. I already want to try this place since they opened, but they always looked full all the time :( So, that day fortunately we got our seat!

I dont remembered much what I ordered exactly, but I remembered their Kweetiao Goreng Seafood and Kweetiao Siram was good. We also ordered their Toast, but me personally prefer Yakun's rather than this. About the drinks, I only tried their Lychee Ice Tea, Kopi Susu, and Kopi-O. Hmm I cant comment much about the coffee, me not a coffee drinker. But the ice tea was also good, if they do not put sugar that much :( too sweet for my taste :)

Will be back later on for their Kweetiao ! :)

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