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Friday, September 18, 2009

.18 September 2009.

During this period, I learned lot of things though. That what you see is maybe not what you get. Sometimes I'm being laper mata a lot, I'm rushing things as fast as I can, I dont pay attention on what I want, and what I'm capable of. I think I'm kinda messed up my life. I lost the most important aspect in my life [beside God of course], my work life.

I had to pick one by one the little pieces left, felt the humiliation from others[for being a jobless person, no offence for all the jobless people out there!], started things on again, and left everything just go with the flow. I can only said to my Father "God let all You wants happen they way it should be. Even if it's the hardest one. During that time, please let me be a more faithful person."

And it happened the way it should be. I got the job that I want since college! And now it's 1 week toward my new job. Well not a really new one, I've already joining that office for 4 days last week due to training thing, still it feels awkward...and of course, exciting.

Ah maybe I'm just being dramatize right? Well anyway what I want to said is, I'm still dont know what I want, I dont have a dream job, I dont have a goal to chase, but guess what? I dont care.

We all have sucked up in our life, and if you're still need time to pick yourself up, take your time. Remember, that our God never fails us.

That's my word for today.

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