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Monday, September 07, 2009

.About Bread, Cookies, and Fruits.

Last month, I got lots of bread, cookies, fruits, etc. as a present...I am truly blessed by being surrounded by all this good persons! Hohohoho!
Garlic Bread from Food Hall , my sister gave me this :) It's kinda big [ I compared it with fork, see the picture ], the Garlic tasted good, but I think I should heat it in microwave before eat it, and filled it with some meat, it's too plain. Ah I'm such a meat lover anyway hahaha..
This was taken last month at my sister's place, it's Roti Sisir from Holland Bakery [I think they also selled it on Superindo]. I know it's only a simple combination, put some margarine and sugar on top of a thick bread, still the bread itself has already took my appetite *droll*
Having breakfast with this, few frozen strawberries and a cup of tea [I got twinings for that day! -__-] is a really good way to start the day!
Talking about breakfast, then this is the most loveable breakfast beside Roti Sisir. I know, it's totally a sin, but what can i say? I cant resist myself digging more on this, Toast topped with some chopped frozen Anchor salted butter and Knott's Blueberry Jam, and a cup of coffee. Huhuhu forgive me my BP :(
Anyway my mom just went back from Semarang, she bought this as always, Mochi Gemini. Me is not a fan of Sesame, but what the heck for this one I had my compensation :P
Last week, my friend just went back from Sg. She bought me this, Caramel Wafers. kinda good, but feel free to eat it with non-sugar tea. It's already too sweet for my taste :)
I bought this brownies cookies for my sister at Slipi Jaya. Forgot the vendor's name, but it's across the Giant Hypermart. They put lots of cinnamon, I love it! A lil bit too hard for my teeth [I almost scared my teeth was gonna break], but let's say...I'll be back soon for this one :)
And I eat lots of tomatoes last week.
And strawberry, of course.
Anyway my mom bought me this, White Peach. I love Peach, but I dont buy it too often [my wallet will be crying if I bought this too much], and one day my mom saw it at the market and she bought it. Not as expensive as the normal one, but I'm sorry mom I think I prefer the ordinary one... :( this one texture' like apple, but it has less scent than apple. It tasted plain if I could describe it in a word. Definetely would ask my mom for buying me the ordinary one! :P
Another thing that my mom bought [well, she doesnt like to try new food, but she likes bought extraordinary fruits!] is this, Angco. I never eat fresh Angco, it also tasted like apple, Washington D.C apples for sure. Love the taste!

Well, that's it for now. I'll post the next present later! hohohohohoh!

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