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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

.Pepenero, Kuningan.

So, after visiting Brew & Co, I had an interview. After that, since I was at Kuningan [which is a rare event], me and miss I decided to visit Pepenero. We've been wanting to visit this one since God knows when, too bad our hectic schedule is not friendly with our plan. Anyway mind the photos, my phone cam was not working well :(

It's Friday afternoon already, and the restaurant was almost full by the time we arrived. We got a seat on the outside of the restaurant [still in the building though], because the restaurant already booked :( The waitress came and gave us a menu [they do not put any photo on the menu :( I didnt know what to order huhuhuhu.. ] and a compliment consisted of 2 thin breads topped with chopped tomatoes salad [mixed with olive oil, vinegar, etc.]

We ordered Sushi del Chianti 59K, Capricciosa Pizza 49K , Lingu Granch 51K, Island Cooler 36K and Italian Soda 36K. After we ordered, the waitress asked us which one of the main course we would like to come first, and gave us a basket of breads, a big basket actually. Maybe because the restaurant quite full at that time, our drinks came late, it came during our main course -__- Gosh me already thirsty!

Our appetizer Sushi del Chianti actually is a big plate of salad consisted of boiled spinach [the spinach is really different from the ordinary one, it's greener and thicker], carrot, tomato and other vegatables, and few stack of raw meat mixed with olive oil and vinegar. I think this was sort of fear factor show for me, me do not like raw meat -__- nonetheless, the salad and meat tasted great, fresh and tasty! Anyway I think if you want to try this restaurant, you should consider about the portion. They were HUGE, not big. even for a big eater like me, I could not finish it -___-

The next menu was Cappricciosa , it's a pizza topped with ham slices, olive , etc. I didnt remember the topping clearly, I only ate 1 slice -__- The next one was Lingu Granch or Crab Meat sort-of-Spaghetti. It came with another big plate [our table was already full at that time, so did our stomach huhu] lingu mixed with crab and tomato sauce, and served with a big crab. I know how they said the food will be tasted really good if we're hungry, but even if me already full at that time, that pasta was totally a kick ass!

Anyway, I would say it's a nice and cozy place to sit, have some chit chats with good friends, enjoying the weekend, and of course the good food. Totally will be back [with more friends! haha!]

PS. guess what? they did not charge us any service tax, whaw!

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