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Monday, September 07, 2009

.Brew & Co, Menara Dea.

That day, while having trouble with Speedy techician [Gosh 4 days just to have my computer connected to Internet? and you said yourself as technician? -later on blabbering this one -__- ], messed up with few persons, and blablabla -too much to be written, I got a call for an interview that afternoon.
Appearently, I got too early for my interview, so I thought I'm gonna sit my lazy ass somewhere and find some nice place to eat, the dragon inside my stomach already crying out loud. And I found this place. Brew & Co, I already heard this name a lot. Never had a chance to try it.

When I entered this place, it has homy ambience. Kinda good place for contemplating. There were 2 areas, outdoor and indoor. I chose the indoor one, it has a cupboard where lots of wine bottle placed. Brew & Co also served wine, huks I want to try one, but it's still noon and I dont want ruin my interview :P They also had hotspot, so it's a right place for having a casual meeting. And dont mind the music, it's not that sleepy-almost-dying song usually I heard at any cafe [not that I dont like that kind of song, I like it anyway! It's just not right for a meeting with client], kinda upbeat song.

I ordered Pollo Alla Parmagian 47K and Ice Tea 19K. Almost ordered their special coffee, too bad I remembered my stomach is not really friendly with coffee, and I need my stomach in a good condition [ if ( me.stomach() == good ) then me.brain() == good ].

The Pollo Alla Parmagian came in a big square plate, consisted of bolognaise sauce, topped with fried chicken filled and lemon sauce, and also spaghetti. I'm kinda confused why they put the bolognaise sauce below the chicken fillet, not at the top of spaghetti. But I think they put it that way so that we can taste the spaghetti first.

And the spaghetti itself was good, mixed with olive oil and garlic [lots of garlic to be exact], boiled perfectly and tasty, of course. The bolognaise sauce was also good too. But I didnt really enjoy my chicken filled, too sour for my taste [and it's not good for my BP anyway -__- ], I could not finish it.

Overall, it's a nice experience to sit right there watching the hours go on, having good meal, and prepared myself for a next step on my work life [aka my interview :P]. Anyway I got the job afterwards, so congratz me hehehe...

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