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Sunday, September 06, 2009

.Food Court Semanggi.

I love Food Court, you can find [almost] any food you like, and no need to rush on meal time. Among all the Food Courts out there, I think the most visited for me is this one, Food Court Plaza Semanggi.

Talking about the most visited one, then this are 2 of the most food I ordered at that place.
the first one is Nusukan, they served Solo dishes. Although I found myself do not craving for their Sosis Solo [prefer the one from Sate Senayan], I found myself doing that on Timlo [10K]. It's sort of beef soup, and served with sort of soy sauce [but it tasted hot]. Anyway do not forget ask them to heat the soup, well Lau A Ma definetely can not eat cold soup right? :P

The second one is this, Nasi Bakar Pusat. I like their Nasi Bakar [12K], grilled within banana's leaf with mushroom, vegetables and abon, oh how lovely :) their Grilled Chicken [12K] was also good too!

Anyway, still there are lots of food to try from this Food Court, I havent tried them all ;_;

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