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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

.Melting Pot, PIK.

Few weekends ago, me and the girls were having girls night out, not as usual :P We wanted to try Lekko / Tekko, unfortunately that places already filled with people, so we chose the other restaurant near them. Me was in Indonesian food lover mode ON [and still on that mode after few weeks later!] so she insisted all the girls to try Melting Pot.
We were kinda in a rush at that time, our karaoke room already booked :P So we ordered anything that would be served fast [or what we thought it would], well it didnt -__- at least the service was good.

So anyway they have lots of packages to offer, we order few packages, most of them cost about 25K, and consisted of Sayur Asam, Tempe, Tahu, Meat [Chicken, Duck, etc] and rice. I didnt remember much the taste, but the duck was good. And she ended her dinner with a coconut-orange, had good chit chats with old fellaz, and ready for the next round, karaoke :)

Well, that's it from my lovely weekend story.

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