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Monday, September 07, 2009

.Red Pepper, Plaza Indonesia.

Sometimes I hate eating Indonesian food in a restaurant / mall / named-other-fancy-places, they are overpriced. I dont mind pay more for Indonesian food, if they are served in fine dining way. But for Food Court, which is most of all self-service, me kinda nga rela :(

Well anyway at least this time, what I paid worth with the place. It's a food court located at Plaza Indonesia, called Red Pepper. Not only Indonesian food, this place also served Chinese and Korean cuisine. The price was quite expensive, but the ambience was great, the interior was cozy and relaxing, although not too spacious.

That time, we ordered Sate Ayam [forgot how much it costs] and Soto Mie 22K. The Sate Ayam was okay, but the Lontong was tasty :) The Soto Mie was tasted almost like Bakso -___- and the risoles was kinda ruined because it was placed at the bottom of the bowl. Risoles should be placed at the top! :( We also ordered something like es campur, but I forgot the name, it wasnt that good by the way.

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