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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

.Harlie Lapis Legit.

Lapis Legit is one of my favorite cake since I was a little girl. This cake was usually expensive since it's difficult to make and number of good ingredients needed. But I found most of the expensive ones in the market, are too oily or too buttery. I prefer firmer texture and less oil for my lapis legit. My favorite was the one baked by my aunt. I can only have it once in a year on Chinese New Year. It's crisp and firm, slightly oily and the cheese on the top gave a really good texture on it. How I miss that cake!

Last week, my sister was baking lapis legit. And I would say the result was....hmmm not that bad. Practice would make her better. But after that I was craving for a good lapis legit.

So, when I was at Kelapa Gading Mall, I found this little stall. At first, I was tempted with the layers. Look at that layer, it's so neat and believe me, I never seen lapis legit that neat. Plus they had smaller size which mean less price. And what convinced me was the sample. They had several flavor, cheese, prunes, butter and original. I only tasted the butter and original flavor. But the original one that took my heart. It was that good that I did not even bother to try the other flavor. I almost had a food coma I guess. It was firm, and again, not oily was the key to my heart. And the cinnammon...hmmm it's bringing back my childhood right away:)

Darn I should try the cheese one later!
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