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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

.Pizza eBirra.

Last week I had a catch up with few old friends from high school. One of them suggested this place. I already visited this restaurant a while ago and it did not impress me, but why not gave it a chance? Besides, Jakarta was having water crisis, so I thought for saving some water by drinking beers (lame excuse I know).
My friend did all the order. And he did it well. We started with Beer Fries Deluxe, 45K. It's fries with chili sauce, what not to love?
And then the Penne Spinach Pesto, 65K arrived. It was the spotlight from the afternoon. The pesto was good, slightly spicy and the spinach hmm...
Angry Meaty Pizza, 59K was another delight. More like a calzone, and again, sort of chili sauce in it, so what not to love?
Texas BBQ Pizza, 79K was tasted like curry. Another spicy dish, one of my spicy intolerant friend already sweating. Poor her :p
Love Supreme Pizza, 79K was my favorite pizza of the day. One word : garlic. It had my name on it :) garlic hard core fans, this is the dish for you.
We also had Caesar Salad, 37K. The sauce was really good, and blended well before placed into the bowl. The chicken was juicy, not as dry as it looked like.
Salame Piccate Pizza, 59K was huge. And also slightly spicy.

We also ordered several fancy drinks.
Strawberry Soda, 23K. Cute right? Forgot how it tasted.
Raspberry Lemonade Beer, 39K. Cute umbrella, and the raspberry made me in serious food envy from across the table.
Green Tea Shake, 29K. Did not taste it.
And I stayed with mojito beer. Really easy to drink, but more minty taste would be good.
My comment only for the Ice Tea, 23K. They used twinings, well not my cup of tea. But did they know that tea should be poured with hot water first? It tasted like a glass of cold water with a tea bag.

Overall, I think my friend did a well job. I enjoyed all the dishes, tasted better especially when enjoyed with the good old folks!
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