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Wednesday, September 14, 2011


They just opened their branch at Grand Indonesia Mall. The restaurant was quite spacious with comfy interior. They are specialized in Kushiyaki, aka Sate in Indonesia. Me and the team were searching for a more satisfying dish,so we did not order any kushiyaki.

Started with their signature Ka-Do Potato, 20K. It was a really turn off for me. I have issue with spices, that's why I don't like to eat snack like lidi or macaroni bumbu. This one tasted like them, but with stronger herbs. I could not even finish my piece.

My friend ordered Beef Stamina Don, 50K. Kinda reminding me of Yoshinoya beef bowl, but with some extra mayo that making it tasted like a cheese burger.

Tsukune Zousui, 35K was a risotto. I forgot what's in it beside the garlic. They put lots of big chopped garlic in it, so it was okay for me. A bit bland though.

Tori Cha, 30K. I used to read Kobo Chan and in the story, Kobo's father usually came home late and treat himself with a bowl of rice and poured with tea. So when I read it was a bowl of rice poured with consomme made from tea and chicken, I was totally tempted. To be honest, it was more like my favorite porridge, which the rice's texture was still there, not a mushy type one. Although a bit bland -more umami please?-, I enjoyed my dish since well, again it's garlic everywhere, what not to love?

Mocha something. Forgot the price and the taste hehe..

I was tempted by the taiyaki making process, so I convinced the team to share Angko Taiyaki, 20K. I was kinda dissappointed when it came out. The fish was not in pretty shape, and the angko did not taste as sweet as I expected. Maybe I had too much Korean ice cream, which filled with fantastic angko.

Overall, although most of the food tasted a bit bland and too garlicky for others, I think I still should be back for their sake and kushiyaki!
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