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Friday, September 23, 2011

.Almond Cookies.

Just a quick post. Got this from a work colleagues.

Almond. Butter. Cookies. Sweet. Crunchy. What not to love? :)
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anakjajan said...

ngiler~ beli dimana tuh? ;)

SeorangPrempuan said...

ini di bawain temen dr Bandung, ktnya dari Cimahi, home industry gituh , tp ada masuk kartika sari ama prima rasa...
gue sih lom pernah liat di kartika sari or prima rasa..pernahnya liat di Cimory, tapi ajegile 1 toples kecil aja 40rb..yang segede gini cm 65 rb :P

anakjajan said...

wow mahal juga yeh, klo kebetulan ke bandung and iseng ketemu pengen nyobain ah