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Friday, September 23, 2011

.Khong Guan.

Found their store at Sabang area. Too bad it's a holiday season so not all of the product was available.

Come check what I got!

Butter Waffle, it tasted more like a baby biscuit. Buttery and sweet but I wish it was thinner.

And Raisin Soft Cookies! Gosh I've been looking for this cookies for long, and finally! It was light and airy, and smeared with some cream and raisin! Yummy :)

I also found many commonly snacks in market, but with uncommon flavor. Like Nissin Wafers with Banana or Melon flavor. Interesting :)
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Anonymous said...

omggggg Raisin Soft Cookies favorit g banget dari kecil, tp ga pernah nemu di supermatket lagi, toko Khong Guannya di jalan sabang yah?

SeorangPrempuan said...

iya di jalan Sabang seberang Dunkin Donat..