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Sunday, July 17, 2011

.Seafood Sinar Bintang.

I hope i write the name right. I only know the place, not the name. They already close their branch at Teluk Gong, hiks. So i went to the Dutamas branch. The food was not as good as Teluk Gong branch, especially the calamari, too bad :(

Started the meal with Kerang Rebus. Served with pineapple and crushed peanut with chili sauce, tasted really refreshing :)

Kerang Hijau Saus Padang, it's a tomato-based sauce, with egg and a lil hint of chili. Too mild for my tastebud :p

Udang Saos Padang, now there's a kick for me! It's kinda overpowering the sweetness of prawn but what the heck, the sauce was too delicious to resist.

And vegetable is a must to order. Kangkung Hotplate, I prefer their Kangkung Terasi, but my dinner friend couldn't tolerate for another chili dish on the table huhuhu..

We order 2 types of crab dishes. First was Kepiting Saos Singapore, gooodddd...

and Kepiting Rebus, superb! They put lots of coriander and garlic, and steamed it. Simple, and you can really tasted the sweetness of the crab and the garlic really gave a good combination. I really enjoyed this, definetely gonna order it on the next visit :)
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