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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

.Alibaba Steak dan Iga Bakar.

Last friday, I had a meeting with the girls at Sarinah area. Actually, we wanted to try Komala's. But Komala's was a lil bit pricey, so I suggested to go to Alibaba. Located right beside Ibis Hotel, i didnt know why this place was always empty. But we went there instead. The place looked small, but it actually really spacious inside.

I ordered Garlic something penne, 32K , I forgot the name. The penne was al dente, the smoked beef was okay, but the garlic sauce...hmmm it was really good. I almost lick my plate clean. My only comment is, the portion was too small. As for the french fries, 12K was okay.

I had apple ice tea, 9K. Nice tea, good price.

Sirloin Steak, 55K. Judging from the portion, it might be a lil bit small, but it did tasted good. Especially the mushroom sauce.

Overall, i think it was a good place for hanging out, the service was good, and the garlic sauce...yummm...
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