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Saturday, July 23, 2011

.Bubur Bun.

Leave of absence is such a luxury for me. So, last friday me and mr Chubby took a day of absence. We chose to spend our day with our favourite date, a lunch, movie then dinner. I know we are such a boring couple hehe!

We had lunch at Bubur Bun, located at Mall Artha Gading Food Court, it was my first attempt. I was in the mood for something chinese and garlic-ky, so i chose Nasi Hainam Ayam Panggang, 21K.

There were many condiments to choose, too many actually. So i put the garlic and oil, soy sauce and the other sauces to one plate, and boy that is one garlic-ky taste that i want!

As for the rice, i was amazed by the quality. It's really fragrant, and tasted very rich. I even put this rice only one step below my favourite Hainam rice from "Kacamata", which is more ginger-y.

Even at the time I ate, I wasn't hungry, and the chicken still tasted damn good. It was succulent, firm and sweet at the same time. The tofu was also good! My only comment was the egg. It's really hard to chew, i even thought this was as hard as golden century egg.

And ended the meal with my favourite teh poci, 4.5K.

Definitely gonna back for their porridge and tom yum , nyam!
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