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Monday, July 18, 2011

.Eng's Resto.

One of my most visited restaurant. The service is usually slow, and the price is a lil bit pricey, but the food is the reason i keep coming back. They served Indonesian food,with a touch of modern taste.

.Soto Betawi, 21K.
They used ordinary milk, instead of coconut milk. So the soup tasted milky and creamy, and a lil bit of herbs and spices. Perfect food for a windy day.

.Kerupuk Mie Siram, 18K.
My most ordered dish, actually the sauce is not as good as the traditional seller got, but it still tasted good. A lil bit too mild and sweet for my tastedbud.

.Laksa, 21K.
Tasted fresh :)

.Bubur Ketan Hitam, 7K.
And ended the meal with this. Sweet with some sourness from the coconut milk. Yum!
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