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Thursday, July 28, 2011

.Stick House.

Beautiful arrays of goodness right?

They just opened their outlet at Emporium Pluit Mall. So, tempted by a friend, we chose to spend our dessert time with a stick of gelato, 25K. You can go for extra chocolate topping (milk, white, dark or choc with crispy crackers) , 3K.

Or extra pistachio for adding the crunchiness, 3K.

Definitely a pricey dessert for a lunch at food court. I chose for a Pistachio flavor with extra milk chocolate sauce and pistachio chops, 32K. And she opted for a avocado Flavor with extra dark chocolate sauce, 28K.

The question is, was it worth with the price? I don't think so. The pistachio flavor was subtle, but avocado tasted better. The chocolate sauce was okay, so does the pistachio chops. But i could not stand why did it melt so quickly? I just walked from the counter to Yong Tau Fu at food court, and it already messed up. I know gelato melts more quickly than regular ice cream, but seriously this fast?

Definitely won't coming back, I prefer my old cream and fudge factory...
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