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Sunday, July 31, 2011

.Gold Fish.

Cute logo, isn't itttt?

Hehehe another lame excuse to try something, a cute logo. Well, it's not only that. Maybe the cute product also takes part in that.

Look at all the gold fishes been made!

For 10K, you can get 3 gold fishes / pancakes, with 4 choices of filling : chocolate, blueberry, strawberry and soy bean. No red bean :(

I chose chocolate, blueberry and soy bean. Tasted okay. But my only comment was the batter, I wish it was thicker, at least as thick as kue cubit perhaps?

.Gold Fish, Mall Ambassador.
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Lily said...

ah i wish we had these here!!!

SeorangPrempuan said...

ah you wont miss anything lily... it tasted ordinary. Australia has Adriano Zumbooooo ..way better than this :P