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Sunday, July 31, 2011

.Ayam Taliwang Rinjani.

I've heard few good reviews about this place. So last week, I went there with the ladies from office. The menu served was not much, you could choose chicken or fish as main. And pelecing kangkung or terong as side vegetable. There's also few meal packages available.

We were all opted for chicken package. And we could choose the level of spicyness for our dish. I chose spicy, and the others chose medium.

Stupid me. I forgot this was ayam taliwang. Argh. I could not stand the spicyness. This was the spiciest dish i ever had. I even cried when i ate. And i tried to wash it down with the kangkung balacan.

It didnt looked that spicy right? I AM WRONG. It was even spicier than the chicken. By this time i was totally melted into tears and sweats.

Had the lime juice to wash it down. Didn't work. I should ate about 3 crackers with soy sauce, and a bottle of water to calm my tongue.

My tongue could not taste anything after that. The only thing that tasted good was the chili sauce that came separated in a small plate. The thicker one, the sweet one, was the best.

I really should ordered the medium one. Hiks.
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