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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

.The Basement.

Voucher time again. Hehe! This new marketing era is kinda good and bad for me. Good that I got good deal for many things, but bad that most of all is compulsive buying. Haha! I think lots of people think the same about this.

So, our destination this time was The Basement, which was literally located at the basement floor on Danamon Tower, Mega Kuningan. The place was a lil bit small, I was glad I did a reservation before coming here, hence we were a group of 19 people. And we had almost half of the place for us.

Since there's a lot of us, I had a chance to try most of their menu. The menu was not really wide, it only had 2 soups, 4 sandwiches, 2 salads, 4 steaks, few pizzas and the rest that had quite much varities were the pasta, noodle and rice sections. We didn't order any of the steak section, all of them was above 100K. All of the noodle dish was not ready yet, so some of us ordered rice dish, but most of all we ordered were their pasta and pizza for share. Here's some of them.

.Fettucine Creme Mushroom Alfredo, 40K.

The fettucine really turned us down. It was the first dist to come, so we put our expectation in it. The portion was small, tiny if i could say. The sauce was okay, but the pasta texture that turned us down. I was sure it's undercooked. We asked the waitress for a change. Later on, the second round was also hard to chew, but not as undercooked as before. We didn't ask for any change again since our lunch break almost over.

.The Margherita Pizza, 60K.

Pizza was okay, a lil bit oily. I think the Meat Lover pizza tasted better. Sorry forgot to take pic of the Meat Lover!

.Linguine Spicy Squid and Crispy Garlic, 34K.

This was my order. It came out as small as i expected, but the taste was much better than i hope. The squid was fresh, and it has the right chewiness. The pasta was al dente, and the garlic was really strong. The olive oil gave it a really good moistness in your mouth. Although i think they put too much oil in every dish. Less is better. Btw, this is really spicy so be careful.

.Club Sandwich, 47K.

This was the only dish that could stuffed you full. The sandwich was made from 3 layers of whole wheat bread, and filled with egg, grilled chicken and few other things. And served with french fries and rocket salad. Again, the bread soaked too much oil.

.Spaghetti Salmon and Rocket with Pink Sauce, 61K.

The sauce was too thick and overpowering the sweetness of Salmon. I could tasted some alcohol in it, or maybe i was wrong hehe..

.Fettucine Chicken Basil Pesto, 45K.

The pesto sauce was good actually, but again what's with the undercooked fettucine and overflowing oil?

.Smooked Beef and Egg Sandwich, 39K.

I did not try this. I think it tasted ordinary. For drinks we had few different teas. I had Pinot Apple Mint Tea, 25K.

It tasted minty and refreshing as expected. Good for washing down the oily pasta. Btw, the beverages also a little bit pricey but it's worth with the size.

Overall, maybe i would not coming back with lots of people hence the small place and the service was really slow. The table beside us even has to wait more than 1 hour to get the order. Some of the waitress were really new and could not speak English, although all the menu were written in English, so they had difficulties when confirming our order :(

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