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Saturday, July 02, 2011

.Locupan Lovers.

Tempted by the cute logo, I bragged Mr. Chubby to visit this place. When we arrived, it nearly the dinner time and although this restaurant was kinda far away from the most crowd block (hint : Tekko + Lekko), I saw people come-and-go to pick their food. Crowd? Usually a good sign. Usually.

So, as always, we ordered 2 individual menus and 1 appetizer to share.

Locupan masak, 23K, looking tasteless huh? Coz it was.

Locupan Baso Sapi, 22K, so-so.

If I could say a good thing, then it would be the chicken wing, 12K. Not the factory made pack, i think they seasoned the wing well. You can still tasted the spices and herbs. And the chili, love it.

Overall, I love locupan, but not this one. And I dont understand why the locupan was cut to short :(

.Locupan Lovers, Pantai Indah Kapuk.
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