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Thursday, July 21, 2011

.Ganda Rasa.

Roxy has a lot of street vendors that serve lamb, either as satay or soup or fried rice, etc. This place located right across 7 eleven at Roxy, and it was my first visit. Mr A, as an expert in eating organs, opted for cheek, brain, and other stuff i did not want to know. But it's goat's testicles aka torpedo that made me rolled my eyes.

I dont like eating animal's organs. But i'm curious about how they tasted.

One man was doing the soup. The other man prepared my satay.

I chose 5 chicken satays, 8K and 5 lamb satays,15K . And i also ordered one bowl of soup, minus the meat, 5K.

Usually I don't eat rich broth like this, but that day I encouraged myself to try something new. And I didn't regret it. See the yellow thing? Mr A said, it called minyak samin.

The broth tasted very rich, and the hint of herbs and spices didn't overpowering the soup, which was a good thing. I can't stand too much herbs especially pepper in my soup. The soup tasted really buttery, A said that because the minyak samin. As for the torpedo, the texture was good, but it actually tasted...hmm.. plain? Maybe because i only ate a small piece of it. I still preferred my old chunky meat..

And as for the satay, it tasted good, i didn't find any smell from the meat. Nice place!
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