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Sunday, July 17, 2011

.Tairyo Sushi.

Having some vouchers from a friend, i asked mr Chubby for having a meal at Tairyo Sushi. We arrived early, so the place was really empty. Because technically the restaurant was only had 1 room, you could really feel the emptiness. They didnt put any spacer or something to decorate. Weird and not appealing for me, especially judging from the food price. At least gave the customers some ambience please?

Well, since we were not that hungry, we chose to order lightly.

.Inari Sushi, 8K.

You cant go wrong with this, tasted okay.

.Chawan Mushi, 15K.

The egg tasted smooth, but i couldn't stand the mushroom smell. It smelled like medicine...

I forgot the sushi's name. All i can remember was the amount of tobiko on the top of it, it's generous for 20K. The sushi itself filled with crunchy unagi, kyuri and tasted okay.

.Salmon Pasta, 43K.

It was another dissapointment. The salmon was sweet and fresh, but the pasta was kinda hard to chew. And the mayo, I think it's kinda expired or something? Cause i found it smelled weird. Well, I didn't complain to the waitress. I was too lazy and I was not expecting anything from them.

Definitely wont go back.

.Tairyo Sushi, Pluit.
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