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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

.Saint Cinnamon.

Saint Cinnamon always be my favourite when it comes to cinnamon, or apple. I love how they don't put too much sugar in their rolls.

But that day I was at the Emporium Mall Food Court, and I had nothing in mind for lunch. I was still kinda stuffed from the big breakfast, so i thought why not getting a muffin or cinnamon roll for lunch? But when I stumbled upon the counter, I fell in love with this.

How can I resist this one, especially when there were a lot of almond chops all over it?

And when they waitress asked me did I want it to be heated? I could not agree more. Damn that was the best brownie I ever had in years! And for only 8.5K i could not ask more.....
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