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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

.Oma's Recipe.

I just found a restaurant that served a decent pork dish at South Jakarta! Located at Bellagio food court, this place serves chinese style home-cooked meal. The name can't be wrong, "Oma" means Grandma in Indonesian. And the menu really is what my grandma would cook at home! Even the owner is a really chinese woman, she can't talk Bahasa, but she keep asking what do we want to drink or eat without any hesitation.

I wanted to eat something warm that day. And my flu was getting worse, with so much cough that was killing my throat. I opted for Hainam Rice with Chicken Combo, 22K. The rice tasted ordinary, but the chicken, you can feel the homey feeling from that dish. It has lots of garlic sauce on it, so beware if you are not a lover.

This place is a little bit pricey than the other vendors, especially if you choose your meal from the buffet. Most of the combo package is a good deal. They also sell fresh made soy bean milk.

Will be back to try their Lomie Kangkung!
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