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Friday, July 01, 2011

.Bangkok Jam.

Finally We tried this new restaurant! Cute hip place, i love how they put lots of interesting pictures of Thailand on the wall.

The menu was a lil bit hard to read, because it was filled with bold words.

I think this restaurant is a place to eat in 'makan tengah' way. Since there's only the two of us, we only ordered two menus. First was Seafood Noodle Tom Yum, 32.5K. The prawn was big and fresh, the mushroom was nice, the squid was too few compared to the mushroom. The broth might be looked watery, but believe me it did taste sour and tasty!

The Green Thai Curry was the best thai curry I ever had. Rich and milky, with a hint of coconut sweetness. Bliss.

The rice and tea were bottom less, i love the humble service. For drinks, i had Mojito. I could not taste any lime or mint, all i can tasted was Sprite.

For dessert, we had Red Ruby with Vanilla Ice Cream. I found the ruby was crunchy inside, the manager said it was actually jicama. Hmm weird.

Overall, I think I will be back. Especially since the manager said that next month all the menus will be available. Yum!

.Bangkok Jam, Emporium Pluit.
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