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Sunday, July 31, 2011

.Rumah Durian Harum vs Kafe Raja Durian.

So, another hedonism to start the weekend hehehe..This time, the team was eager for some Durian. So that Friday, we headed to Rumah Durian Harum at Jl. Panjang.

By the time i saw the window, i already knew that most of the Durian were sold out. *sad* :(

They also had some snack counters.

ice cream box..

Started the feast with siomay first.

18K for 6 pieces of siomay? Damn expensive. It's lack of fish flavor, and some of them already gone bad hence being steamed all day long.

After eating the bad siomay, we headed to the counter to chose Durian. They were run out of Malaysian Durian hiks. And only 3 Medan Durian left. The ordinary Durian Monthong was also left a few only. But Durian Monthong Salju was ready stock at that time.

I have never tried this kind of Durian. It surrounded by thin ice. And surely frozen.

The owner help us by choosing the Durian. But when we said no to the first Durian, he was looked really angry. It's our right to say no each time buying a Durian. Not a good thing to do in front of a customer.

The first to come was Durian Monthong. It was sweet and big as it should be. Above all kind of Durian, my favourite was always the Medan one. So for this one i said so-so.

The Durian Monthong Salju was came in a plastic box. It was very cold, and because of that, the sweetness of the flesh tasted less. I did not know what's difference between this and the ordinary one beside the frozen fact. At this point we were eager to eat more Durian Monthong, but it was sold out. The only left were Durian Monthong Salju and few boxes of Durian Medan.

So we opted for one more Durian Monthong Salju and one box of Durian Medan. The box demolished super quickly hehe.

And being not satisfied, we took another walk to this place. Cafe Raja Durian.

The place might be small, but the friendly service was really relieving. We ended ordered more Durian Medan.

The Durian was good, nice place, nice price, definitely worth more than one visit!
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anakjajan said...

haiii, salam kenal dari Anakjajan, wah ngiler liat durennya, berapaan harga duren disaya yah?

anakjajan said...

oopps, maksudnya "berapaan harga duren disaNa yah?"

SeorangPrempuan said...

Hello, wah aku sering liat blog kamu loh :)

kalok di Rumah Durian Harum, duren monthongnya agak murah di banding beli di supermarket buah. yang gede BANGET sekitar 110 rb, yang duren monthong saljunya sekitar 70an rb . kalok duren medannya nga pernah coba kalok potong biasa. kmrn dia ude potongin and kotakin sendiri, dipatok 45rb sekotak. ada kotak yang gede and kecil, sama aja harganya :P

kalok Cafe Raja Durian, durennya sih standard lah..duren medan sekitar 30-45 rb tergantung kilo-annya. tapi yang jual bae, bole pilih macem2, mau ganti pun dia nga bete :P

anakjajan said...

ooh icic, 2toko di jl.panjang itu g sering lewat cuma ga pernah mampir, btw thanks for the info ;)